The definition of business success goes beyond profitability. In other words we believe not only in profit but also focus on social accountability and positive impact on society. Pragati makes concerted efforts for success of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities being under taken on regular basis. We care about planting trees on a sustainable manner and environmentally conscious way while focusing on accelerating the scale of plantation to achieve a truly environmental change. Company also provides facilities for village level infrastructure development for communication, street lighting, water supply, skill competition among school going children etc.

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Mobile Cattle Health Treatment Camps

Almost every day three to four Mobile Cattle Health Care Van equipped with Feed Supplement, Medicine, Veterinary Equipments with senior veterinary doctors are moving and organizing Cattle health treatment camps. Whenever required, our dedicated teams are also providing services at door step of our milk supplying farmers.

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Pragati is the leading brand of dairy products available in all cities of Odisha. Every morning Pragati's delivery vans provide its distributors and retailers with fresh milk and milk products.